Wild Game Food Safety

Game meat can provide a nutritious, delicious and sometimes less expensive alternative to traditional meat products sold in the grocery store; however, safe handling and processing in the field, along with proper storage is critical to preventing spoilage and foodborne illness.

Texas Hunting Rules and Regulations


Basic Hunting Guidelines 

From Field to Plate: Benefits of locally harvested wild game in Texas and how to keep it safe.  

Field Dressing Wild Game

Upon harvesting a large game animal, there are specific steps that need to be taken to obtain meat from the animal, and must be done in a way that ensures food safety. Follow the steps in this video to safely field dress a large wild game animal.

Packaging meat in 8 Steps

Learn how to properly package your meat using 8 simple steps! You only need 4 items and it does not matter whether you are packaging wild game, bulk purchases from retail stores, ground meat, or whole cuts – the steps are the same!

Safe Home Food Storage

Packaging and Storing Wild Game at Home


Nutritional Content of game meat

Recipes and Cooking 




Penn State Extension-Proper care and handling of fish from stream to table

Chronic Wasting Disease in Texas 


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