Texas Certified Food Manager CFM Class and Food Handlers Class


Welcome to FoodSafety.tamu.edu – home of the Certified Food Manager Education Program (CFM) and the Food Handlers Course taught by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. On this website, you will find course information, cost, dates, and locations. You will also find food safety information for consumers, hunters, Cottage Food Producers, Farmers Market vendors/shoppers, and much more!

Why should you take a Food Handlers course or become a CFPM?

More than half of foodborne illness outbreaks in the United States are related to restaurants or delis.

Sick food workers have been linked with past foodborne illness outbreaks.

To combat restaurant-related outbreaks, many public health agencies encourage or require food safety certification for restaurant kitchen managers and sometimes workers.

Food safety certification efforts are based on the belief that certification leads to greater food safety knowledge.

As well as state and local health jurisdictions require CFPM certification and food handler training for food service employees in Texas.

Source:  Food Safety Certification and Knowledge

Need A Food Handler Card?

In-person classes? Check the Training Dates tab for dates and locations. Or check out our food handler program online (English and Spanish), here.